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River Runners' Transport, Inc. offers a variety of foods on river trips. Choose your meals for your river running adventure. For advice, read our Menu Planning Tips.

Expedition Menu Planner Forms: (PDF files)

  1. Breakfast Menu
  2. Lunch Menu
  3. Dinner Menu (includes vegetarians options, appetizers, & desserts)
  4. Miscellaneous Items Menu (includes beverages, snacks, & condiments)

Menu Planner Instructions:
Please print and complete the above menu forms and submit your completed forms to the below address. If an item you want is not listed, add it to the bottom of each section. Remember, we can tailor diets to special needs.

Submit Forms to:
River Runners' Transport, Inc.
P.O. Box 1361
Vernal, UT  84078

Have Questions or Concerns?
Please don't hesitate to call (435-781-4919) or email
for additional information when planning your expedition menu.

If You Have Form File Troubles…
Make sure you've installed the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

P.O. Box 1361
417 E. Main
Vernal, UT  84078
1-800-930-7238 (RAFT)

Email: info@riverrunnerstransport.com
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